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Cyber Monday - 1 more day of MEGA discounts!

Didn't have time to do all your Black Friday shopping? Catch your luck on Cyber Monday!

Cool deals don't just happen on Black Friday! We offer a permanent 30% discount on ALL VPS, and 15% discount on any dedicated server rental, subject to ordering on November 29. And as a nice bonus we GIVE you one month of free management for the server just for you.

These are the last 24 hours of discounts on HostZealot!

Best Regards,
HostZealot Team

BLACK FRIDAY! 50% DISCOUNT! Don't miss those deals!!

We would like to remind you once again that we care about our clients and organize really HONEST Black Friday just for you!

Dedicated servers on AMD EPYC and Intel processors in all configurations with a 30% discount. Including individual pre-order items!

-50% on all VPS's including positions with NVMe which are based on AMD EPYC processors, the most powerful server processors at the moment in terms of performance per core.

Only on November 26, on Black Friday, buy a server from us and get a lifetime fixed discount for your order! Cool, isn't it?

Greetings, everyone!

With only 3 days left until the biggest sale of the year, we'd like to share with you the details of our promotion.

We're having huge discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Save in your bookmarks so you don't lose us.

Countdown to Black Friday begins!

Dear friends, we are glad to inform you that only on November 26th we will organize an honest Black Friday sale with discounts up to 50% for dedicated and virtual servers for the whole period of use. Buy now = get discount forever.

What's more, by pre-ordering a server on Black Friday, we'll lock in the discount for you until the server arrives!
During the pandemic demand for online purchases has increased, hurry up to secure yourself on the hottest day of the year, rent powerful servers from HostZealot!

We offer 24/7/365 support.

Our location availability and connectivity you can check here.


A little tour of our new data center in Dallas. Our partner in Dallas is DataBank, which just recently opened a new facility.  As a Tier III certified data center, it is located in Plano, Texas. DFW3, which is the name of the data center enclosure occupies  144,000 square foot with the ability to expand to 72,000 square feet  provides a huge space with an elevated floor for deploying projects of any capacity.

The data center is located adjacent to Legacy Park and offers multiple fiber providers with redundant backbone connectivity, as well as public cloud connectivity, peer-to-peer access and mixed bandwidth solutions to meet all business needs.

The data center also provides more than 40 MW of power, and security measures include perimeter fencing, 24-hour on-site security, and two-factor authentication (card and biometric) at exterior and all data center entrances.

Our technical support ready to help during 24/7/365

Latency and speed you can always check HERE

Hello there!

We are proud to announce that we are opening a new point of presence for VPS in the United States. This time it is Dallas, TX! Dallas offers excellent connectivity for Central and South America and also would be a great choice for those companies who wants to run their business in Texas.

We are planning to expand our range of services with dedicated servers in Dallas, so stay tuned for updates!

Our technical support ready to help during 24/7/365

Latency and speed you can always check HERE


HostZealot opens a new VPS location on the West Coast, this time in Seattle, WA. Our new VPS node is built on processors from Intel. Enterprise SSD drives in RAID arrays stand as storage to ensure your projects run fast and fault-tolerant.
Buying a VPS in Seattle will allow your business to be closer to your target audience, namely the states of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona due to excellent connectivity and lower pings. Take a look at the spreadsheet with the pings to these locations.

Location   Latency
Phoenix   32ms
Los Angeles   27ms
Portland   7 ms
Las Vegas   39 ms 
Atlanta   58 ms
Vancouver   5 ms
Chicago   49 ms

 From our side we guarantee fault tolerance, scalability and stability. We provide the ability to rent VPS on Windows or one of the Linux distributions, if necessary, we can allocate additional IP-addresses, space for backups, etc. And regular customers will get discounts up to 20% monthly lease fee reduction. Contact us!

Our technical support ready to help during 24/7/365

Latency and speed you can always check HERE


Folks, we have some important news. We have been working for a long time to provide VPS on NVMe, as this type of drives provides a multiple speed increase in linear read and write operations. Looking for data-intensive virtual servers? Look no further.
Our setup utilizes DDR4 RAM operating at 3200 MHz in 8-channel mode. 8-channel memory mode is one of the reasons AMD EPYC processors bypass any current Intel server processor line.
As for the AMD EPYC processor, this is a 16-core monster with fairly low heat dissipation - 155 TDP. In addition to supporting an 8-channel memory mode, it boasts an advanced 128-lane PCI-E 4.0 controller. The CPU operates at a frequency of 3.3 GHz, and its computing power is enough literally for any urgent server tasks.
If speed and performance are important to you, you should take a closer look at VPS based on NVMe drives. Such a powerful configuration based on the modern AMD EPYC processor will significantly speed up any data processing operations. So far, we are launching them in the Netherlands and Poland, and if those locations are of interest to you, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our technical support ready to help during 24/7/365

Latency and speed you can always check HERE

Hey everybody!

Due to the recent opening of a new location in Estonia we are announcing great discounts on dedicated servers!

Now for a good price you can buy a configuration:

CPU: Xeon E-2286G 6 cores 12 threads 4 GHz
Storage: 1000GB SATA HDD

The discounted price is a democratic $129 instead of $179. Not only that, if you pay for three months or six months in advance, the price stays the same. It's a good deal, don't you think? :)

All servers can be additionally expanded with RAM sticks and SSD/HDD on request.

Offers are selling like hotcakes so there are only 2 servers left in stock!

We work 24/7/365 and are ready to help with any technical questions.


The Estonia launch has come true, ladies and gentlemen! We've got our facility in Infonet DC - the only Estonian Tier 3 data-center. The level of failure-resistance is 99,982%. Above all, the servers do not stop working during repairs and maintenance. All in all, the stability goes heavenward, and no stress. With the confidence in success, we are looking bright in the future.

Let's enumerate the facts a little. First, the facility provides backup generators and precision cooling systems with Free Cooling technology and cold accumulators. They ensure stable and active cooling of the whole system. The temperature in the server rooms is regulated according to the ASHRAE 2011 A1 class recommendations.

The Infonet DC data center plans took into consideration the highest requirements to clients' data IT-safety. All of this is under the control of handy engineers and systems administrators. They can eliminate every problem in a moment.

There are some reasons to rent VPS in Estonia:

 The country has got a convenient location and an excellent connection with such neighboring countries as Latvia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Belarus,
 Poland, Germany, Ukraine, and other countries of Eastern and Central Europe. If your business targets Eastern Europe, you will hardly find a more reliable
 data-center for the same price.

 The level of the IT-security and the reliability rate are maximal.

 The rent payments are quite affordable thanks to the low prices for electricity in Estonia.

 The confidentiality of personal and corporate data is guaranteed.

HostZealot company welcomes everybody interested in cooperation. We offer flexible plans with scaling powers and limits, comprehensive technical support, and discounts for those clients who rent VPS in Estonia for the long term.

Contact us: https://www.hostzealot.com/contacts

Don't be shy to ask questions! We'll guide you through the features and help to choose an optimal plan according to your task.

We'll be in touch!


What can we say? We’ve decided to launch a promotion devoted to HostZealot company expansion. There will be a huge discount for VPS rent in every plan. There is only one requirement: you need to rent VPS for more than one month to get a discount. The discount in a nutshell:

-40% for a three-month period;

-45% for rent lasting for six months;

-50% for those remarkable people who order 12 months or more.

You can rent VPS in almost every corner of the globe: Estonia, England, USA, Hong Kong, Canada, Israel, Cyprus, and a number of other first-world countries. We cooperate with the top data centers to ensure smooth and stable performance with all kinds of loads.

Now HostZealot expands again. To be honest, we are interested in new clients. And if you are interested in reliable hosting for a long time in return - you are welcome! Our cooperation will be mutually beneficial and favorable.

Our technical support ready to help during 24/7/365.

Feel free to contact us any time.

Latency and speed you can always check HERE.

On February 14, 1946, the first computer was introduced to the world. Who would have thought that a huge sockdolager made of a piece of iron, which easily performed mathematical functions, would become an irreplaceable attribute of our life and turn the world upside down beyond recognition.

Perhaps the projects we are working on will also turn the world upside down, like a computer on February 14, 1946. It is for such projects that we have prepared favorable tariffs for placing data on the territory of European countries and Hong Kong.

When ordering a VPS on Linux, Windows or another operating system, you save up to $ 192. Choose the best offer here

Dedicated servers hosted in various locations in the European Union, with a discount of up to $ 346, check up the links here

Our technical support ready to help during 24/7/365
Latency and speed you can always check HERE


Happy New Year to all of our friends!

The HostZealot team sends the warmest greetings. Though 2020 is called a disaster, we truly believe it brought some joy to each and every one of you. Seeing beautiful things every day is an art, so we kindly wish you stay positive, healthy, happy, and prosperous.

Stay safe and may this year be 100 times better than the previous one!

It’s your unique chance to lease a Dedicated server or a VPS at a good New Year’s discount:

Dedicated server in Stockholm - 44,16$;
Dedicated server in Warsaw - 49,50$;
Dedicated server in Amsterdam - 53,16$.

All our New Year’s offerings:

We’ve also prepared some great deals for VPS users:

Linux VPS (-20%);
Windows VPS (-20%);
VPS in Hong Kong (-20%).

You can check the prices for VPS here:

At HostZealot, we always think about our customers first and we want you to have the best Black Friday  ever! Our team has prepared a wonderful promotional offer for you to save more money all while having high-quality service and the best tech support. Have a look at our best offerings for VDS
 and VPS hosting services:

Save over $175 a year on VDS hosting!   

3 months - 5% off
6 months - 15% off
12 months - 30% off   

Save over $344 a year on VPS hosting!

3 months - 15% off
6 months - 30% off
12 months - 60% off

Get prepared to be the first one who feels all the benefits of the super-sale!

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