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Anonymous web hosting is the service where your private information is not available on the internet but stored privately with a hosting provider. If the hosting provider is CCIHosting.com the location of your servers is based in Panama where the privacy of the clients and users is protected by Constitutional Right. Bitcoin payments may add extra layer of privacy and CCIHosting.com is currently supporting this type of payment for its offshore hosting offering. Besides offshore dedicated servers, CCIHosting.com offers offshore VPS (Linux and Windows) running under Xen or OpenVZ hypervisors, cPanel offshore hosting is also an option.

CCIHosting.com is an offshore hosting provider based in Panama offering offshore hosting services since 2002. True 24x7 technical support via live chat. They own the data center in Panama City, one of the top locations for offshore requirements.

It depends on what you plan to run on their server. The country where the server is hosted is the jurisdiction for its content.

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