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24x7technicalsupport.net: Happy to announce our new launched "CentOS Webpanel Server Management Services" A perfect panel for VPS and Dedicated Servers.
CentOS Webpanel offers a huge number of options and features for server management in its control panel package. You can focus on "Business Generation" rather than worrying about server security, datacenters, server management, and another headache. We even handle abuse issues for you. You can only "WIN" with our Server Management offerings.

All for Just: $29 /Month/Server Signup now !!

CentOS Webpanel Pro Features

CentOS 7: cgroups (most advanced resource limiting for cpu,ram,disk I/O)
Security Tools: Maldet Scan, RKHunter Scan, Lynis Scan, SymLink Scan
Monitoring: Advanced Server Monitoring with email notifications
Resellers Panel
cPanel Migration tools

24x7technicalsuport features:

Monitoring Services
Unlimited Tickets Support
Basic Server Security
Within 15 Min Response time Guarantee for Support Tickets
Service Optimization and Tweaks
Free Server Migrations and Data Restoration
Disaster Recovery & Post Hack Recovery

We Proudly Support:

Contact us:
Skype and Email: sales@24x7technicalsupport.net
Live Chat: : Click Here.

All Plans include 24x7 Monitoring coverage worth $10.99/month without any cost.
We also specialize in application server management for Jboss/Tomcat as well as ready to use Cloudstack/Openstack Setups and other tailor made setups.

Signup Now!! for our Management Services.

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