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Author Topic: Hybrid Dedicated W3550 2 cores, 8 GB RAM, DEDICATED 2 x 2TB SATA3 RAID - From 49  (Read 3056 times)


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Please take one minute to know more about us: Check out our Youtube presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpJn6jZgJlg&feature=plcp

************ Hybrid Dedicated server ************

Processor: Intel® Xeon® W3550, 2 full cores x 3.06 GHz
Dedicated hard drives: 2 x 2 TB SATA3 7200 RPM RAID
Bandwidth: 100Mbps

Resourses are not shared!

Price: 69 euro/month
62 euro/month - 3 months in advance
55 euro/month - 6 months in advance
49 euro/month - 12 months in advance

Hybrid Server order link: http://www.balticservers.com/service-order?custom,0

If you have more questions, please contact sales via Online chat or email: sales@balticservers.com

Why Smart?

Because it is the newest modern technology: one virtual system is installed in one dedicated server. This allows you to use the huge individual server capabilities and also utilize the three main advantages of virtualization:
Simple control. No IPKVM required.
Easy migration. If the need for a more powerful server arises, a quick and simple copy of all files is sufficient – no need for any reinstallations and reconfigurations. All IP addresses are preserved.
Low price. The main advantage of virtualization is automation – one administrator can maintain more servers and execute more automatic functions – OS reinstalling, remote restart, remote shutdown, migration.

Why Hybrid?

Because we created a method, which lets the users utilize the advantages of two technologies: we maintain the high power of dedicated servers and use the flexibility and low price of virtual servers.

How do we achieve high power?

Even if the Hybrid server is virtual, it has two directly assigned Hotswap HDD’s, from which a reliable mirror RAID array is made. A Hybrid server has its own RAM and CPU cores. They cannot be used by other users.

How do we achieve low price?

Automation + smaller area. Because the systems are highly automated, they require less time spent by spe############ts maintaining them. Less work hours – lower price.

The price is also lowered by the fact that in one physical server body (with 4 hotswap HDD bays) we fit two hybrid servers – the area used by the data center is conserved that way. The more servers we fit into one data center, the lower price we can offer.

What operating system can I choose?

Hybrid servers run perfectly with all Windows or Linux versions

Supported OS:
* CentOS 4, 5, 6 32 or 64bit
* Debian 5.0, 6 32 or 64bit
* SuSE 11.1, 32 or 64bit
* Ubuntu 8.04 or 9.10, 10.4, 10.10, 12.04 32 or 64bit
* Scientific 6 32 or 64 bit.

Windows Hybrid dedicated server:
Windows 2008 Server standard +5.51euro/month
Windows 2008 Server enterprise +9.57 euro/month

1 Additional IP - 1 euro month.
IP's sell by blocks: 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32.

************ Promotions ************

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************ Facts about us ************

Data center:
* Internet bandwidth from Level3, Globalcom, Linxtelecom, verizon, Deutsche Telecom.
* Up to TIER III infrastructure
* UPS system
* Diesel generator
* Fire protection
* Physical Security
* Green air conditioning system ( outdoor air-cooled )
* Air humidification
* 24/7 technical support

* 11 years in the market.
* Server grade hardware only!
* Our own data center in Europe
* More than 5000 customers from more than 100 countries world-wide.
* Offshore services
* Flexible DMCA policy

BalticServers Youtube channel

Speed check: http://mirror.duomenucentras.lt/
Ping IP:

Email: Sales@BalticServers.com
ICQ: 219111424
skype: neas21
Tel: +370 655 11833

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