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Author Topic: [Switzerland/Usa/Germany/Russia] - Quality Xen VPS 2GB Dedicated RAM, HDD 50 GB. Exclusive Promo $19  (Read 1551 times)


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Arionvps is having an Exclusive Promo for several VPS users only.
We offer  cheap VPS from Arionvps on XEN platform, which fully guarantees the absence of overselling!
Our Data Center is located in Los Angeles (USA), Nuremberg (Germany), Moscow(Russia) and Zurich (Switzerland).
- Guaranteed Dedicated RAM
- Windows or Linux Operating Systems
- Xen VPS Paravirtualization and Xen HVM-ISO (fully virtualized)
- Linux VPS SSH remote access with user root.
- Windows VPS RDP remote access with user Administrator
- ISPmanager or cPanel
- Instant Setup
- SolusVM control panel
- Support Quality
Code: ARION20OFF for tariff plans XenVpsUnm 2-16 and WinVpsUnm 2-16
Xen Vps Server - XenVpsUnm2
2 CPU Xeon E5-2620
Dedicated RAM 2048 MB
Disk Space 50 GB
SWAP 4096 MB
1 Dedicated IP Address (Additional IPs: 2.00 per month, HDD Extra 50Gb: 10.00 per month)
SolusVM panel - Reboot, Reinstall
Bandwidth for USA Unmetered
Bandwidth for Switzerland 3000 GB
Operation System: 32/64 Bit Linux - CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora. (connection via ssh)
Price only US$ 19.96/month,- (Promotional Code : ARION20OFF)
Order now - https://arionvps.com/billing/cart.php?gid=7
Windows Vps Server or Forex Vps Server - WinVpsUnm2 (same configuration)
Operation System - Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008.( RDP -yes, you can surf on the web)
Price US$ 19.96/month,- (Promotional Code : ARION20OFF)
Order now - https://arionvps.com/billing/cart.php?gid=6
Server Administration Control Panels
ISPmanager Lite 4 - free (available on request)
ISPmanager Pro - $10 per month
ISPmanager Pro - $70 Lifetime
cPanel - $18 per month
cPanel - $180 per year
Additional IPs: 2.00 per month
We provide a test server for a period of up to 1 day.
How to get a  trial period ?
Is perfect for: Active Directory, DNS Servers, IIS Hosting,  Meta4 Trading,  Regular Desktop Documentation,
General Websites, Forex, Reseller Web Hosting, VPN Tunnel, PPTP, Email Server for Work Group,
Teamspeak, Jabber, Backup, Statistic, Intranet System, Database, Game Server MMORPG and many others.
Main server specification :
* Dual Xeon E5-2620
* RAM 64GB
* HDD 4x2TB (Raid 10)
* Zurich Port Access : 1gbps
* Los Angeles Port Access : 100Mbps
Many more VPS packages online available up to 30GB RAM
Arionvps - ArionVPS - High Performance Enterprise VPS Hosting. Cheap VPS Server in Usa. Cheap VPS Hosting in Germany. Cheap VPS Server in Switzerland
Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin or WebMoney.
Fast Cheap Vps Server from Arionvps