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General Dedicated Server Hosting Discussion / Re: Best VPS provider
« on: April 27, 2021, 05:34:48 AM »
Good people do exist on this earth and I am happy I found one of them. Hostnamaste.com OpenVZ VPS is my savior for all my online business needs. Well it’s just started with buying domain but later on, I bought Web Hosting and many other business solutions. So far, you will experience great network uptime, and the servers will be fast.

I am happy. Can say that kvchosting.net is what all web hosting providers are supposed to be:
 - cool network and server uptime,
 - Amazing speed connectivity (pages load super fast),
 - rapid professional tech help (they work even at night - this is great).

So far reliability has been great as well. Can't complain about anything.
They have hosted several websites for me and I have no complaints. The pricing plan is good, and the control panel is nice as well. Rockhoster.com is cool host.

I like Hostingsource.com quality of hosting services. Their support staff is generally helpful and unusually knowledgeable - probably the best of any hosting company I've experienced so far. Response times are not always quick, especially at weekends, but the overall time to solve a problem is good because they don't waste time asking stupid questions.

As a client of Tzulo.com I have to say I am satisfied by the services provided to me and care and support quickly and efficiently and give my congratulations. These people are really helpful when one talks of customer service. The prompt and non-technical reply is their forte. Just try them out like me and feel the happiness of getting the right host for your website.

Once you sign up for a reliable web host for your website, you gain immediate access to any of the tools and features, and start building your web pages within minutes! On the account of the fact, can recommend you to look at these web hosts:
 - Arvixe.com
 - Cloudarion.com
 - Hostnamaste.com
Go ahead, they offer enough disk space, bandwidth, email services, free domain name, free website builder tool (CMS tools such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla).

I run an IP Board community forum about boating and NetShop ISP provider helped me move it off of IP's hosting service and onto their servers.
Contact with sales, technical support, and billing has been prompt and pleasant. I can't imagine receiving better service from any webhost regardless of the price.

So far this has been a great decision. Kvchosting.net is by far the most responsive host we have ever had.
No matter how small or large the challenge, the support has been instantaneous and all have come with a resolve.

Give rockhoster.com OpenVZ VPS hosting a try. The customer service is incredible. They get back to you within minutes.
I have not experienced any problems. The tutorials are perfect, and they include software that you can create a very nice website.

Taking the advantage of the opportunity can recommend hostnamaste.com Cheap Dedicated Server deals.
It has been a great host for me. It is very difficult for me to find words to express my feelings about their excellent support – these guys are very friendly and responsive.

I have signed up with kvchosting.net and would like to tell you about the quality of service they provide.
Service, Pricing, Reliability, and Features.

General Dedicated Server Hosting Discussion / Re: VPS in Europe
« on: March 30, 2021, 06:59:14 AM »
I like cloudarion.com SSDVPS hosting. The uptime is great no outgoing whatsoever.
The databases and CMS work great. The tech support is qualified and always willing to help. I personally can recommend this web hosting provider.

Go with hostingsource.com web host. Great service. Been in the design business for 15 years and have moved many times.
Cpanel-based hosting with a simple account interface, well worth the slight extra cost. Had one issue setting up an SSL account and they went the extra mile to resolve it to my satisfaction.

I like this decent host. Hostforweb.com shared hosting is the best. They have never failed to deliver...even having a live person answer the phone on a weekend within minutes...who then had 2 tech support fix my issue within 45 minutes!

I am very pleased with the service from Cloudarion.com SSDVPS host.
They have always been prompt and effective in helping me.
 - good uptime
 - super fast speed
I like it.

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