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One of my friends recommended me to get instant server from GTHost.com as my project was growing and I needed more amount of space & bandwidth.
Must say that everything works like a clock. My websites are always online and my visitors & I are happy with the speed connectivity.

Before choosing a web host check if they offer flexibility of upgrading to a higher hosting package, just in case you run out of the allocated resources.
Try and check their response time, also if they have a live chat service then get things cleared with them.

Well-balanced dedicated server hosting solutions you can find at
1) Hostnamaste.com
2) Regvps.com
3) Midphase.com
I'd like to say that I have great network uptime and the connection speed is fast at least by my standards.

On average, how much traffic do you expect each month? What's your hosting budget?

I am very satisfied with GTHost.com and also NetShop-isp.com.cy website hosting. Wonderfully thorough and responsive support.
They helped me with all the issues and i must say that they are really knowledgeable. Just compare their server hosting solutions and choose the best.

General Dedicated Server Hosting Discussion / Re: Best VPS provider ...
« on: February 02, 2024, 12:38:43 AM »
How large is your website and what are its storage needs?

I'm in the process of moving my other sites to Datapacket.net or Neironvps.com and thinking to switch to their VPS account.
My website response times have never been faster and support level is above and beyond. If you are thinking about switching, these are the hosting providers to go with.

Been using Rockhoster.com for quite a long period of time and must say that everything has been fantastic.
Good range of price plans and options for the novice to the expert. Servers are stable and my sites are running fast.

Like their cheap kvmvps.

Like Profvds.com cheap vps. It is still very reasonable in my opinion, the stability is excellent, and the support is priceless.
Use the VPSPROFVDS promo code 15% discount for all vps servers. RDNS in control panel, mail port open.

I have checked at https://rockhoster.com/ web site and it seems that they have way better pricing for their services.
If I were you I would check and consider them.

Check for good plans at coinshosting.com -  I'm sure you will be able to get a couple of good options there.

If you sign up here
You won't regret.
They provide some good VPS server solutions.

I have been using coinshosting.com and I have to say that I'm getting really good services and support. They have the best value for money.

I think that you should get your best deal here:
Their services start as low as $8 per month.

In my opinion this one  is one of the best:

General Dedicated Server Hosting Discussion / Re: Right server provider
« on: January 04, 2024, 01:41:11 AM »
Check https://gthost.com/
 They have more than 17 locations and I believe with them you will be able to get the best services.

General Dedicated Server Hosting Discussion / Re: Right VPS to buy ...
« on: December 06, 2023, 03:08:28 AM »
Well the reliability is very important to compete and maintain customer relations. As far as services are concerned,well it truly depends on the companies one second frequencies to their customers which is also an important agenda/priority...

I've been with GTHost.com vps hosting long enough to attest that this is an amazing webhost, and I can't understand why anyone would pick any other company over this one. Value is great too. It also has nice pricing.. Servers are stable, speed connectivity is fast.

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