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In Eastern culture these days are the days of the great celebration of the Lunar New Year - the year of the Rabbit. We at HostZealot would like to give you a 25% discount on VPS and 20% discount on dedicated servers in Hong Kong for these awesome holidays.

In addition to the discounts, we have added new server configurations with the very attractive prices in this location. Take a look at what is available right now.

Lunar New Year is celebrated not only in Asia but all over the world. That's why we give a 10% discount for all VPS and servers in other locations.

All discounts will be applied automatically from 30.01.2023 to 05.02.2023 when ordering on the site.


HostZealot announces the secret start of Black Friday for the most attentive user. If you're reading this post, you're in luck. Send us a PM on the forum saying that you want great discounts and we will add you to the waiting list. What you'll get:

40% off VPS
25% discount on servers - for the lifetime of the server
one-time DevOps Bronze Service as a gift when you buy any service (automatically)
VPN for 1 month in any of our locations as a gift (on request).

Secret sale will start a few days before Black Friday. These discounts will only be for those who have signed up! For Black Friday itself, the discounts will be slightly lower. :)

Hurry up!


Good day everybody! Due to numerous requests from customers in need of a cost-effective hosting solution with large storage capacity, we would like to announce the launch of VPS on HDD drives. With it, you can store huge amounts of data, run programs that require a lot of storage space, as well as set up regular backups and all this for a low price. Significantly cheaper than SSD or NVMe storage.

Great news for customers who want to buy .cc .cn .中国 and other Asian and Australian domains. HostZealot has announced a partnership with domain registrar WebNIC.cc !
Go shopping on Domain
#webnic #hostzealot #partnership #asia #domainname #domain

Hi! HostZealot team would like to introduce you to our new partner Keitaro.io:

Keitaro is an effective solution for affiliate and performance marketing. All-in-one tool which allows you to collect all necessary data with incoming parameters and user conversions. To work without redirects, build custom reports, send data to the 3rd services and many other useful features.

Keitaro gives opportunities

For advertisers:

Connecting to your external site.
Collecting statistics of all clicks, incoming parameters and custom conversions.
Sending data to third-party services. Integrated with more than 120 Traffic Sources.
Connecting pixels and multi-offer landing pages.
Analytics of efficiency and financial.

For publishers:
Teamwork with customizable access levels.
A/B split flows, more than 30 built-in filters for traffic processing and ability to integrate a custom script.
Conversion capping and ready-made templates for Affiliate networks.
Local landing pages and work without redirects.
Integration with popular bot protection services.
Click API/Admin API to manage the tracker via server requests.

A unique promo code for our customers is HOSTZEALOT: 20% off the first purchase of all plans for up to three months. You can buy VPS with preinstalled Keitaro at: https://www.hostzealot.ru/vps/keitaro

VPN Personal - your VPN server from HostZealot!

In today's world, if you want to continue to use popular social networks or streaming platforms without restrictions or to keep your personal data private, you need a VPN.

HostZealot launches a new VPN Personal that gives you:


Also only for one month you get 50% off with promo code HZVPNPROMO

The Caucasus region is adding to our arsenal of locations - HostZealot is now offering VPS in Georgia.

Now you don't need to choose between Europe and Asia, because the location in Tbilisi allows you to cover both regions at once. We have installed our capacity in data center Cloud9, which has Tier III level of fault tolerance. This means that the maximum downtime may not exceed 1.6 hours per year. Cloud9 data center is equipped with redundant power and redundant cooling systems, which significantly increases reliability.

Customers renting VPS in Georgia can count on all-round support from our side:

qualified assistance in choosing a VPS configuration for specific tasks;
the ability to scale the server at any time in the direction of increasing or, conversely, decreasing the leased capacity;
regular creation of backups;
discounts for regular customers - up to 20% reduction in the cost of monthly rent.
Optimal geographical location will ensure minimum pings for the Middle East, as well as the whole of Europe. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further advice on cooperation.

Howdy, dear customer!
HostZealot is always thinking of you and would like to congratulate you on World's First Computer Day.

Oh yes, to coincide with this event we have prepared a promotion of 10% discount on all USA servers and VPS stock.
Why USA? You can read about it here

24 hours left until the end of Christmas Sale!

Dear customer,

There is little time left till the end of the sale, so hurry up to buy the servers at good prices.

VPS including NVMe - 40% discount;
EPYC servers - 25% discount;

Buy now - discount forever!

We want to wish you in these upcoming holidays prosperity to your business and successfully achieve your goals.

The HostZealot team wishes you Happy Holidays and offers you the last discounts for this year.

We have prepared for you:

Up to 40% discount on all VPS (including NVMe);
25% discount on EPYC servers.

We also offer you to buy an EPYC server for 6 months and get one month for free!

And if you buy one year, you get 3 months for free!

Go on vacation with new servers and emotions.

EPYC Christmas SALE!

It's only 11 days until New Year and this is a great opportunity to save on the HostZealot New Year sale!

If you have not yet been dragged out by the festivities, we invite you to take a look at the last generous discounts of 2021:

Up to 40% off all VPS (including NVMe ones);
25% discount on EPYC servers.
If you buy a server for 6 months, you get a whole month for free. If you buy a server for 12 months you get 3 months for free!

The sale will start on December 23rd at 00:00 EST and will end on December 30th at 16:00 MSC.

We will be waiting for you!

Cyber Monday - 1 more day of MEGA discounts!

Didn't have time to do all your Black Friday shopping? Catch your luck on Cyber Monday!

Cool deals don't just happen on Black Friday! We offer a permanent 30% discount on ALL VPS, and 15% discount on any dedicated server rental, subject to ordering on November 29. And as a nice bonus we GIVE you one month of free management for the server just for you.

These are the last 24 hours of discounts on HostZealot!

Best Regards,
HostZealot Team

BLACK FRIDAY! 50% DISCOUNT! Don't miss those deals!!

We would like to remind you once again that we care about our clients and organize really HONEST Black Friday just for you!

Dedicated servers on AMD EPYC and Intel processors in all configurations with a 30% discount. Including individual pre-order items!

-50% on all VPS's including positions with NVMe which are based on AMD EPYC processors, the most powerful server processors at the moment in terms of performance per core.

Only on November 26, on Black Friday, buy a server from us and get a lifetime fixed discount for your order! Cool, isn't it?

Greetings, everyone!

With only 3 days left until the biggest sale of the year, we'd like to share with you the details of our promotion.

We're having huge discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Save in your bookmarks so you don't lose us.

Countdown to Black Friday begins!

Dear friends, we are glad to inform you that only on November 26th we will organize an honest Black Friday sale with discounts up to 50% for dedicated and virtual servers for the whole period of use. Buy now = get discount forever.

What's more, by pre-ordering a server on Black Friday, we'll lock in the discount for you until the server arrives!
During the pandemic demand for online purchases has increased, hurry up to secure yourself on the hottest day of the year, rent powerful servers from HostZealot!

We offer 24/7/365 support.

Our location availability and connectivity you can check here.

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