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Both providers have their advantages, so it's important to consider your specific needs and priorities. Also, if you like to consider alternatives, consider working with hostpro.com, which is also known for its reliability and friendly customer support.

Try the offers from hostpro.com. They have pretty good pricing and powerful servers. Technical support is pretty quick to respond to requests via chat and ticket. Also, their services are backed up every day. Try to contact them and ask about their rates. You won't lose anything by doing so.

General Dedicated Server Hosting Discussion / Re: Best VPS provider ...
« on: February 19, 2024, 09:30:13 PM »
Sounds like an important solution for your business or project. I've been using services from hostpro.com for a long time and am completely satisfied with their service and customer support. They offer a variety of hosting and VPS plans, and they provide reliability and speed. Technical support is available 24/7 via both live chat and tickets. Give hostpro.com a try, they might be the company you've been looking for.

General Dedicated Server Hosting Discussion / Re: ewallhost.com vs inet.ws
« on: February 19, 2024, 09:26:28 PM »
I am happy to share my experience with hosting. I've been using hostpro.com for a long time and I can safely recommend them as a reliable and efficient hosting provider. Their service has always been top notch and their customer support is excellent.
When it comes to choosing a VPS, I would consider the offerings from hostpro.com if I were you. They offer a wide variety of plans that meet different user needs, as well as provide reliability and speed. My experience with them has been very positive, so I am sure you will be satisfied with their services.

I use the VPS plan from hostpro.com for $12 per month and have unlimited bandwidth and twice as many resources as yours. Plus, I have good technical support that is always happy to help me and high-quality server performance that has never let me down. You can consider this host if quality and value are important to you.

General Dedicated Server Hosting Discussion / Re: Right server provider
« on: January 19, 2024, 10:32:11 PM »
Hostpro.com stands out for their reliability, stability, and service efficiency, which makes them an excellent choice for server hosting. They have fast loading speeds and a reliable level of security, which is important for the optimal performance of your projects.
Also, hostpro.com's customer support team is always ready to provide assistance, resolve difficulties, and answer your questions quickly and efficiently. Their competitive pricing and variety of plans make them an attractive choice for a variety of needs.

I use services from hostpro.com and I am satisfied with the quality of their service. Servers are located in Europe, new components, reasonable prices and friendly technical support. They won my heart.

General Dedicated Server Hosting Discussion / Re: Right VPS to buy ...
« on: January 06, 2024, 07:47:05 AM »
If it is difficult for you to choose one of the hosting providers, then formulate clear criteria for yourself. This way, you can eliminate options that are not suitable for you.
The criteria might be as follows:
- resources allocated for tariff plans;
- additional services
- location of servers (data centers);
- backups;
- technical support response time;
- cost.
I can also advise you to consider hosting from hostpro.com. I use their services and am satisfied with everything.

Let me share my positive experience with hosting from hostpro.com. As a long-term customer, they reliably fulfill their commitments and provide quality service.
Regarding your question about choosing between coinshosting.com and rockhoster.com for VPS, I advise you to choose depending on your specific needs. Check the resources, prices, and support level. Given my positive experience with hostpro.com, it might be worth considering their offerings for stable and reliable hosting as well.

I recommend hostpro.com for its reliability. When comparing VPS from owned-networks.net and inet.ws, I recommend evaluating resources, prices, reliability, and user reviews. Considering my positive experience with hostpro.com, compare their offers and don't hesitate to contact their technical support for more details.

Could you be more specific about what you need? What are the minimum or maximum resources required for your project?
Choosing a good host depends on what you want to get out of it as much as possible.
I was looking for a new host for the following characteristics:
- good servers and reasonable prices;
- quality technical support and backups;
- the possibility of hosting in other data centers.
I am currently actively cooperating with hostpro.com.
These guys know how to help a client and what they need, and it's a pleasure to communicate with them in an online chat
Their servers are great and fast and at a nice price)

I've been a customer of hostpro.com for some time now and I'm completely impressed with the quality and prices of their services. Reliability, speed, and excellent support are what make them a special team.
In particular, their VPS plans are impressive in their performance and stability on the latest NVMe drives and powerful processors. Hostpro.com customer support is always ready to help and resolve any difficulties quickly and efficiently.

If you are hesitating between the two hosting companies, then analyze the following and put the appropriate notes:
Pay attention to their plans and additional services.
Take a look at the level of support, as this is an important aspect in case of difficulties.
See if their services meet your needs.
Check the availability of technical support and its quality.
Regarding hostpro.com hosting - if you are considering options, definitely check out hostpro.com. I've been using their services for a long time now, and I can confidently say that they are a reliable and professional hosting service.
Hostpro.com has stable servers, high speeds, and efficient customer support.

I'll give you some quick tips on choosing a hosting service:
- Project needs: Identify your specific needs in terms of resources, anonymity, technical support, and other aspects.
- Reviews and ratings: Check out user reviews and ratings of both providers on independent forums or reviews.
- Technical support: Make sure that the chosen provider provides fast and efficient technical support.
- Terms of use: Read each host's terms of use to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.
How about hostpro.com? They have the following criteria to consider:
Reliability and speed: they are known for its server reliability and speed. Websites hosted on their servers load quickly, which is important for user convenience.
Free SSL certificate: they provide free SSL certificates for all of their users, which adds an extra layer of security to your projects.
Professional technical support: The support team at hostpro.com is always available to help you with any technical questions or concerns.
Various plans: hostpro.com offers a variety of hosting plans to suit different user needs and budgetary capacities.

I would like to suggest that you consider hosting with hostpro.com. They are known for their high-quality infrastructure and reliability.
Hostpro.com offers a variety of VPS plans that can meet different needs. Their servers are powered by the latest technology, and their customer support is always ready to help resolve any technical issues.
The reliability and quality of service of hostpro.com make them an attractive choice for users who value every penny invested in their hosting.

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